A wide range of rooms, family suites and self catering villas

Important Note: the Ocean Beach rooms and Ocean Beach poolview rooms are located in a separate beach wing 'Ocean Beach', in a quieter and more exclusive atmosphere.

A delightfully friendly place with just bungalows in the tropical gardens, you will be assured of an excellent level of personal hospitality. This is the perfect small hotel for those in search of an unhurried beach holiday with direct access to a secluded and private beach in Grand Bay. Located on a prime property of more than 15,000m², Ocean Villas offers in a cosy and family atmosphere, offers a wide range of beach accommodation in Mauritius as below

Room Type Size Max Accommodation Capacity
Basic Room 20m2 2 adults & 1 child / 3 adults in some rooms
Charm Room 30m2 3 adults in some rooms
Poolview room at Ocean Beach 40m2 2 adults
Beach room at Ocean Beach 40m2 2 adults
Family Suite 60m2 4 persons
Self Catering Villa 140m2-190m2 6 persons duplex / 8 persons triplex
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